Our Town

The Town of Bashaw Now

Bashaw is a small picturesque town with a big heart, country charm and a warm, friendly atmosphere. 

Nestled in the valley near the shores of Buffalo Lake, at the crossroads of Highway 21 and 53, Bashaw is centrally located in Prairie Parkland Country. Being less than a one hour drive from Red Deer, Stettler, Ponoka, Lacombe, and Camrose makes Bashaw perfectly situated for those who want to access larger centers but value the small-town lifestyle.

Primarily a farming community, the area around Bashaw is known for productive croplands and a diverse livestock industry. Lakes, campgrounds and golf courses skirt the surrounding area for added activity and relaxation.

Bashaw features an agricultural facility that is second to none. Its tree-lined white rail fence and manicured grounds welcome visitors to our vibrant community.

Take a walk through the past as you visit our museum located in Bashaw’s original jailhouse. Sit in the same cell where the notorious Robert Raymond Cook, the last man hung in Alberta, sat waiting for the authorities to take him to trial. Many still wonder whether young Cook was guilty of his charges. Stop by, check out the evidence and make your own conclusion. Also, take a look at some of our archives; Capital Punishment, Mortal Fear grips Bashaw Area, Murder Suspect Caught, Letter to RCMP.

The Majestic Theatre is another must-see as interested citizens formed ‘Friends of the Majestic’ and restored the old theatre back to its original form. Come and enjoy plays and concerts, dances and song; watch as characters come to life on stage as the Majestic Theatre Group entertains you with theatrical productions.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Bashaw offers beautiful nature trails, tennis courts, ball diamonds, a fitness park, and numerous other parks and playgrounds. Our summers are filled with Junior Cattle shows, ball tournaments and an annual bunnock tournament, not to mention street dances, show and shine car shows and community BBQ’s. Winter is not to be outdone as we offer hockey, figure skating and curling that fill our local arena with indoor sports. For those who like the chill of the outdoors, there’s ample opportunity for ice fishing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling.

Other amenities and services Bashaw offers include a well-equipped fitness center, chiropractor, massage therapist, commercial and industrial business sector, medical clinic and pharmacy, ambulance services, fire department, school and various home businesses. 

We have two grocery stores, gas stations, multiple eateries, a meat shop, a thrift store, banks, insurance agencies, a registry office, and farm and industrial supply stores.

No matter your age or interests, we have what you are looking for. We are a small town where BIG things happen!

Did you know that our community won the BVJ Small Town Saturday Night?  

Did you also know that our community entered and won the Aviva Community Fund?  ‘Bashaw: A Place for Everyone’ project was a prize winner and received $100,000! This completed our fundraising goal of $350,000 for our school gymnasium!

There are no words to describe the pride and love we feel for this community as well as the commitment and heart of both the people who came before us and the people who live here now. Thank you to each and every one of you for choosing to strengthen our school, our youth and our community! Thank you to the Aviva Community Fund for their generosity and commitment to communities across Canada!  


  • Strive to continue to be self sustaining.
  • Explore opportunities for diversified economic growth.
  • Promote bountiful recreation and festivity events.
  • Maintain and enhance the beauty and essence of this vibrant community.
  • Be collaborative, cooperative, and think regionally.
  • Provide a safe, enjoyable, and satisfying environment to work and live.


  • Transparent    Council endorses policy making as real and not a cosmetic veneer.
  • Accountable    Council affirms the mandate of reporting to the municipal shareholders, the citizens of Bashaw.
  • Integrity    Council believes in their representation and policy making for the Town.
  • Reciprocity    Council not only speaks but listens.
  • Publicity    Council embraces being open, honest, and approachable with the electorate.
  • Representative    Council upholds the democracy of citizen interests and why they have elected them.
  • Deliberative Governance    Council subscribes to engagement of citizens in an open and inclusive manner in dialogue over public policy issues.
  • Community Identity    Council believes in preserving and maintaining the unique heart and soul that is Bashaw.


in our vibrant and safe community situated in a unique, affordable country setting.