Business Permits

A development permit is required to construct a new building, alter an existing building, construct an accessory building, demolish an existing building, or change the use of a building or portion of a building within the Town of Bashaw, except where expressly exempted in Part 3, (3.2) of #780-2018 Land Use Bylaw. A development permit is also required for signs and fences.   

When Do You Need A Permit?

Supporting plans, documentation and a recent title must accompany a development permit application.

Anyone can make an application, whether or not you own the property, provided you have a letter of authorization from the current property owner.

Additional permits for building, electrical, plumbing, gas, and heating may also be required for most home renovations and constructions. It is always best to contact the Town of Bashaw Development Officer before starting work to make sure that you have your permits in order. If work is done without a valid Building Permit, the Town will place a Stop Work Order on the premise and may levy fines or cause the work to be dismantled at the owner’s expense.

Once approval is granted for your development permit, building permits are available through The Inspections Group Ltd.

The Inspections Group       2022 BUILDING PERMIT FEE SCHEDULE


Upon completion, you must present the original Development Permit Application and/or Demolition Permit Application documents to the Town office along with applicable fees.


The Inspections Group Inc. Applications

Risks of Working Without a Permit

There are numerous laws and regulations that relate to construction and renovation work (the building bylaw, zoning regulations, codes for plumbing and electrical systems, and so on). Permits will only be issued for work that is allowed under these regulations. Permits work in conjunction with inspections, which ensure the planned work was completed correctly and safely.

For information on the proposed project on your property, call the Development Officer at 780-372-3911. Our staff will help you determine which permits you need and navigating the process so you can speak to your contractor with confidence.

If You Find Out You Need a Permit After the Work Has Started...

The Town understands that homeowners and contractors – in their enthusiasm to get started – sometimes forget to obtain permits or do not realize that permits are required.

If you do not have a required permit for work that has already started, you could face serious and potentially costly consequences, including:

  • A “Work Without Permit” penalty.  This is typically double the original permit fee.
  • A delay while your permit application is processed. All work must stop during this time. The original timeline and fees for processing an application still apply.
  • Possibly having to undo the work done.
  • Possibly having to do more work than you had originally planned and budgeted for, such as adding fire sprinklers or making seismic upgrades.
  • Possible legal and/or financial issues down the road, such as difficulties selling your property or making an insurance claim.

NOTE: As the homeowner, you are responsible for paying these fees or penalties yourself, even if you have hired a contractor who assured you that permits were not required.

Firepit Permits

A permit must be obtained from the Town of Bashaw for all residents wishing to install a backyard fire pit, outdoor fireplaces, and stationary barbecues (including chimineas and portable fire pits) as per the Fire Pit Bylaw.

The Town of Bashaw has an organics bin available for leaves, tree trimmings, etc available, located by the RCMP station.

Additional Information

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