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Building Code Information

New requirements for building codes came into effect on December 1, 2017 for residential builders in Alberta. All residential builders in Alberta are required to have a builder license in order to obtain permits for new homes and to construct new homes. 

You are encouraged to apply for your full license in advance of the construction season to avoid delays that could impact your business.

Who Requires a Builder Licence?

If you build residential homes in Alberta, you will need a builder licence. You can apply for either a General Contractor or Developer License. 

A General Contractor license is needed for homes where the Alberta Building Code does not require the involvement of a coordinating registered professional; this includes homes that are up to four dwelling units. 

A Developer license is required for homes where the Alberta Building Code requires the involvement of a coordinating registered professional; this includes homes with five or more dwelling units. 

What if I Have a Provisional Licence? Do I Still Need to Apply?

Your provisional licence is set to expire on May 1st, so you will need to apply for a full licence before May 1st to ensure there are no interruptions to your business. If you wait until the last minute, your licence may not be processed by the time your provisional licence expires. This will impact your ability to obtain building permits for new homes and register new homes.

In order to submit an application for a full licence, you will need to go through all four steps outlined below. 

How Do I Apply?

Step 1: Request access to the New Home Buyer Protection System Builder’s Portal.

Visit the Municipal Affairs Builder’s Portal to submit an NHBPS Access Request.

NHBPS Access Request

If you already have an account, log in to MAConnect



Step 2: Fill out your builder profile.

You will be asked to provide your company contact information, contact information for all directors and officers, and copies of driver’s licences or other government-issued photo identification acceptable to the Registrar for directors and officers. Do not provide your Social Insurance Number or Health Card Number. 

You will need to list all building-related associated organizations. This information must align with the provincial corporate registry (CORES). 


Step 3: Fill out the licence application under the “Applications” tab.

  • On Part 1: Company Information tab, use the radio buttons to select the appropriate licence class. 
  • On Part 2: Licence Application tab, provide responses to all items on the application questionnaire.

Step 4: Pay for your application.

You can either pay the $600 application fee online, or mail a cheque or money order along with the invoice. Your application will not be processed until payment is received. 

In order to pay online, you will need to make sure your web browser pop-up blocker has been turned off. 

You can also call 1-866-421-6929 or email builderlicensing(at)  for more information.

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