Concerns With Water

If you are experiencing discolouration of water from your taps, we highly recommend doing some checks in your home to confirm general maintenance is being upheld and not contributing to the problem.


First, please be sure to complete regular maintenance of your water heaters as it is normal for your water heater to accumulate sediment. Flush your water heater annually to ensure sediment does not build up. Click on the links below for steps on how to complete this task.

There are other recommended annual maintenance tasks for your water heater. You can do a quick Google search for tips or click the links below for advice.

How to Maintain a Water Heater 

Extend the Life of Your Water Heater 

Water Heater Maintenance 


Second, find out what type of pipes are in your home. Sometimes older piping can lead to rust accumulation, resulting in yellow water. If these pipes are within your property lines and your home, then it is the property owner’s responsibility to make any desired changes. You can read more about this, including tips for solutions.

Why Does My Water Look Yellow? 


Third, if you are concerned with your water and would like testing done, please contact the Town of Bashaw, and we will add you to our list of homes willing to have their water tested by our staff. Our water is tested weekly. You simply need to let us know your name, address, and contact information. We do have a fairly short window for when testing can take place, so you may need to be available during specific hours to provide our staff access to your home for testing. You may also be added to our list for lead tests.

Finally, you can also perform your own water tests. You can pick up a water testing kit at the town office during regular office hours, or if preferred, you can use your own source. You can drop the tests off yourself, or you can return the test to the town office on Monday morning by 12:30 pm and have it delivered by town staff. You will receive the results of your test directly from Alberta Health Services.

Test Drop Offs


Moving forward, we will be tracking concerns and complaints for ongoing research and to ensure continued consistent water quality. This includes concerns we see on Facebook.

Feel free to contact us during office hours if you have any further questions or concerns.